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Biodynamic Facts and Figures

We are constantly evolving and developing our work. Which means we’re serious about investing in the research and certification we need for our products. So here’s a brief outline of the work we do to ensure you get the a product of the highest possible standard.
Let’s start by giving you a little information about our biodynamic and homeopathic heroes.
Rudolph Steiner was a serious scientist and visionary who, among other things, believed that biodiversity and homeopathic preparations were central to the soil’s ability to develop and protect its innate immune system. He was also the first to reveal the dangers of the synthetic fertilisers that are still used today. His work in biodynamic agriculture is as valid today as it was in 1924 when he first wrote about it. And even more influential!
Maria Thun’s controlled trials on Steiner’s theories led to her Biodynamic Sowing and Planting Calendar which went on to become an indispensible tool for aficionados. While many gardeners still dismiss biodynamics in general, those in the know wouldn’t dream of gardening without first consulting her Calendar. And highly respected gardeners, like John Harris of Tresillian House in Cornwall, UK use what is now called Moon Gardening. We wouldn’t be without it!
Dr Samuel Hahnemann: treated thousands of cases that defied the best European allopathic physicians. In stark contrast to his 18th and 19th century colleagues, his beliefs that “like cures like”, and that ever smaller doses of his remedies were the secret to a cure, led to his development of homeopathy.
How we’ve used their work
Using our heroes’ achievements as our starting point, we applied the basic principle of biodynamic gardening and developed it further to create an innovative way to obtain crops that are healthy and abundant.
Once we’d done that we started developing our own brand of homeopathy - Agrohomeopathy® – on our farm by collecting the parasites, fungi etc from the plant itself to use in the preparation of our treatments.
I (Roberto) make all the cow horn, silica etc that are central to biodynamic farming methods. Once I’ve added the relevant homeopathic ingredients, I’m ready to go!

Organic certification: ICEA, Italy (EU regulation 834/2007)
Biodynamic certification: Demeter Italia, Italy
Research: from a study with the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Bologna, to explore the homeopathic cultivation of strawberries …. (result details). We are the only biodynamic fruit producers to have experimented with homeopathically produced strawberries. By high-density planting of the fruit on top of mounds of earth enriched by biodynamic remedies. (link la fragola coltivata...)

Bio-crystallisation: numerous research studies around the world have shown that the high quality of food produced with biodynamic methods has a far superior bio-crystallisation that foods produced using traditional methods. It’s an indicator high nutritional value. And here is the photo of our apples, taken by ASSOCIAZIONE PER LA CRISTALLIZZAZIONE SENSIBILE-Andalo Valtellino (So)
Bovis scale: We use a frequency scale, the Bovis, to measure life force of fruits. The Bovis scale was created by French scientist André Bovis and refined by André Simoneton. The Bovis scale was created to measure vitality, with the Bovis value being the vibration frequency.

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