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Living food that nourishes our body and nurtures our planet

Roberto and Maria Pia Denart
Since 1999 Maria Pia and Roberto Denart have been using their passion for living food to grow fruit in the Dolomites. And they’ve been selling it to everyone who shares their passion for seasonal, 100% chemical-free food.
What started as a simple apple orchard has become a haven of biodiversity for soft fruits and apples, thanks to their range of Agrohomeopathy® treatments for soil and plants Roberto developed for his own produce. It’s been so successful that they now sell it throughout Italy.
Why do they do this? Because they’re committed to making it as easy as possible for every farmer, smallholder and gardener to produce the living food that delights our palate and nourishes our body because it’s full of the nutrients and trace elements we need for optimum health.


Maria Pia and Roberto Denart and we're passionate about the health of your food and believe everyone should have easy access to it. That’s why we’re also passionate about protecting the micro-organisms, insects, grasses, weeds, wild flowers and other plants that balance and nourish the soil our food grows in.
But how did we get to be so passionate?
When I took over the management of my family’s fields in 1999, Maria Pia and I knew it was time to make our dream of having an organic farm come true.
So our smallholding became organic.
Until then I’d been a maintenance engineer in the food industry, and Maria Pia’s eye for detail ensured the smooth-running of import-export operations in the companies she worked for.
We pooled our skills and passion to turn 1.5 hectares of apple orchards into 3.5 hectares of life-giving blueberries, strawberries, cherries and apples! And officially became biodynamic in 2007.
But our passion for living food hasn’t stopped there. We now have a range of biodynamic jams, apple and blueberry juices our clients rave about, Agrohomeopathy® plant and soil treatments that eliminate the need for chemicals, and the new addition to our family – our 100% natural engine detergent for your car which received its Italian patent in 2016.
Our work has gone from strength to strength. Thanks to my love of sharing what I know about the importance of not polluting the environment, we now have a growing following of like-minded gardens, agriculturalists and horticulturalists – both professional and hobbyists are learning how to look after the health of their food and the soil it grows in.
While I focus on developing new products Maria Pia expertly manages all the back office stuff. And it’s her passion for Prince Charles’ work that’s taking our Agrohomeopathy® treatments into the UK!

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