ONE Engine Care™ - Organic BioDr system

Italian patent in 2016
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ONE Engine Care™ - Organic BioDr system
Italian patent in 2016

Clean cars, clean air

In 2012, the UK’s NHS reported that air pollution could be causing 13,000 deaths a year. And we all know that passenger vehicles and lorries are the main source of that pollution.

Our belief that in keeping Earth clean and healthy, this planet’s plant life gives life to everything else, led us to develop this 100% plant-derived detergent that’s completely safe to give back to the Earth.

So if you do nothing else to reduce the toxic load on this planet, you’ll love using our ONE Engine Care™ because it will save you a ton of money over the life of your car and increase its performance.

Whether the fuel you buy goes straight into your vehicle or into storage, the first 100% natural car detergent to be patented in Italy significantly reduces your costs by reducing:
• fuel consumption by up to 15%
• PM10 and CO2 emissions by up to 90% and
• maintenance costs by increasing torque, extending engine life, and reducing exhaust fumes and exhaust smells

And that’s not all. It also
• eliminates the growth of bacteria and fungi in fuel tanks
• eliminates DPF regeneration time by keeping filters completely clean
• reduces engine noise
• cleans the entire transmission
• keeps the cylinder heads, combustion chambers and fuel injectors completely clean

PLUS, by reducing the CO2 and PM10 released into the environment by the cars we drive, we relieve the pressure on our health-care systems through the rise in respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, as well as some cancers.

All these benefits IN A SINGLE PRODUCT! So whether your vehicle runs on petrol, diesel, LPG, methane, hybrid or internal combustion oils, ONE Engine Care™ is perfect. Whether it’s a car, a farm vehicle or an industrial lawn mower, this product will keep its motor running smoothly and almost pollution-free with regular use.

Pour 5ml into your tank, then add 50lt fuel, and you’re ready to go.
It’s available in

• 5ml sachet for 50lt fuel • 50ml bottle for 500lt fuel and
• 1lt bottle for 10,000lt fuel

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